Glenn Beck’s Long Journey Left: a Voyage in Ten Deleted Tweets

It looks like Glenn Beck is changing. I don’t think the Fox News star known for shedding tears at the drop of an American Flag hat will ever be “woke” in the contemporary sense, but he is, it seems, at least in a state of slow waking. 

In a recent New Yorker article, Glenn Beck described his transformative experience watching Michelle Obama speak on Donald Trump’s treatment of women. He called her remarks “the most effective political speech I have heard since Ronald Reagan.” (Lofty praise for a First Lady coming from someone as famously far right as Beck) In regards to Michelle’s presidential husband, Beck confessed, “I did a lot of freaking out about Barack Obama,” and resolves with “Obama made me a better man.”

So, what is going on with Glenn Beck? Did he read some Howard Zinn on accident? Did the right person reach out to him? Or are the words and actions of Donald Trump simply that troubling? (Hint: it’s the latter) 

In pursuit of the truth about Beck’s metamorphosis, here are ten tweets I imagine Glenn Beck recently almost tweeted, but wisely deleted, all around 3:30 in the morning: 

1. “Did anybody else know MLK wrote books? #reading #GlennBecksBookClub

2. “Finally listening to Prince…wow! #PurpleRain #RIP #NotOnlyDovesCry #BecauseImCrying #SoGood

3. More like Malcolm Xrtraordinary! Not exactly my cup of tea, but what a guy! #PlymouthRock #Whoa

4. @Oprah…U up? Girl we need to talk!

5. Y do I need to submit a photo to join I just want to meet people.

6. @Beyonce Hot sauce in your bag? WHAT IF IT SPILLS?

7. Bob Marley > John Lennon! Can’t believe it, but I’m saying it! #ImagineThat!

8. OMG Hamilton Is Sooooooooo Goooood #soundtrack #WhereDoIGetTickets

9. Followers? What’s the best rap song to start with? I wanna get into this.

10. Just binged Blackish…that Anthony Hamilton is hilARIOUS! #homealone #kangaroojack #LoveHimOnSNLToooo

We can look forward to more tweets like this as Glenn Beck, hopefully, continues to crawl out of the ocean of his own alt-right ignorance and onto dry new American land. He might not be perfect, but after this election cycle, I feel comfortable saying, in a cautious whisper…
he’ll do.

You can find the above-referenced New Yorker article here:


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